Tall Guys

Hi all,
I’ve been unicycling now for almost 2 years? Time flies.
Learning as stated was quite difficult took me about 1 year of falling.
My last trip was maybe 3miles and I’ve done 5.5Miles. I haven’t used any protective equipment. I found a good pair of Jeans and closed toe shows to be adequate. Good pair of gloves would have saved some skin. (For tricks helmet and knee pads)

I find my unicycle seat mighty uncomfortable after few miles. Anyone have a suggestion for a more comfortable seat.
Again: I bought this model.

Padded Shorts

After a certain point (for me) any seat tends to be uncomfortable on a long ride. I picked up some good quality mountain bike ,padded shorts and its all good. UniCycle.com has some comfy seat on the Nimbus line. My 29" rides like a Cadillac I love it.