Tall Guys

Hey So I’m 6’4’ with a Inseam Length of 39.
Have Zero experience on a unicycle.
Know Zero people who ride.

I’ve been reading up on the sport and understand it will take 15-20 hours before I even start understanding what I’m doing. I snowbaord, Ski, Rip Stick (Two wheeled skate board and surf and i’m up for the challenge. I need little help getting started. I’m really interested in purchasing a unicycle that I can learn on and use for a while. Can anyone make a suggestion?

Thanks for you time :slight_smile:

The general consensus is buy cheap to learn, . Dont be shy about abusing it then if you like it and find yourself leaning to one area of unicycling, muni, trials street, distance, get a discipline specific uni later.

There are folk who go straight for high end unis to learn on, but most buy cheap to begin.

For you being tall I’d suggest a 24 inch or a 26 inch wheel to learn on.
Have a look in the trading post, eBay, and at the budget unis on unicycle.com

There may be folk near you who could loan you a uni even

Have fun.
Learning is hard, but very rewarding

Whereabouts are you? - maybe there is a club or group nearby

+1 for 24 or 26"

I’m 6’ and learned on 26" - perfect match :roll_eyes:

Get an inexpensive 24-26" trainer

Buy this book: http://www.unicycle.com/video-magazines-dvd/how-to-ride-your-unicycle-by-charlie-dancy.html

Be prepared for the slowest learning curve in the history of sports, all the sports you listed are easy by a factor or ten in comparison to riding a unicycle, so your 15-20 hrs may not even get you “to the resort” much less the bunny hill.

A more realistic learning curve would be:

Daily practice 30-60 minutes for one week: Ride 100’
After two weeks: Ride down the street, maybe turn.
After one month: Ride around the block, broad turns, start working on freemounting
After two months: Building stamina, moderate rides 1-3 miles, freemounting >50%, easy rides on gravel road
After six months: Longer riders up to ten miles, consistent frremounting, easy single track rides, learning how to climb on rough terrain, managing easy tricks, throwing in some hopping.

Of course it’s different for each person, you might bump the curve if you’re a natural, but naturals are even more rare than unicyclists, the more likely scenario is you won’t learn to ride. Don’t take this is negative, instead consider this thought:

Anyone can learn to ride a unicycle, but few people will continue trying once they realize has incredibly hard it is to learn.

Best sport I have ever learned, and I’ve done a few.

I’m 6’8" and when I started considering to get my first unicycle I had no idea what was good for me. I saw one in a juggling shop, and despite the assistants not knowing much about unicycles, they advised the 24" and I’m glad they did.

The saddle wasn’t as high as I have mine at now, but I find that most people learning want it lower than normal simply because they aren’t yet used to how they should sit on the saddle and avoid ‘crushing’.

So yes, easily go for a cheap 24" or 26" because if you do learn, it’s likely you’ll want to upgrade to something a little more solid soon after.

A bit off topic, but to Nurse Ben’s point about the difficulty of learning…

I learned almost 30 years ago, and I remember it taking a lot of patience.

I am now learning walking the wheel, and it’s easy to give up because I have gone many weeks without making very much progress. But I know that if I keep trying little by little, eventually it will come. It’s a life lesson, which unicycling highlights. Never give up.

Cliche but true.

So get a cheap 24inch unicycle, maybe this:

or if you are confident you are going to get into it, this:


Hey Thanks for the comments guys.
24’ is what I’m hearing. What about a 29’ is that just harder to learn on? I’m really tall and have long legs.
Thanks for the realistic expectations. I’m a really committed individual so it might take a long time but slowly, safely and steadily and a lot of prayer :slight_smile: gets me through just about anything (Even if it takes a long time). If this is super challenging Awesome!

Yep. Not recommended.

Hey there,
I’m 6’6" and 235lbs. I agree with learning on an inexpensive 24". A Torker maybe. Find any Handicap ramp with sturdy hand rails on both sides and learn there. If you have a 4"x4" block of wood 48" or longer slide it across the ramp in front of the posts. It will act as a rigid “curb” to back the wheel against. I taught a 24 year old wrestler in 6 hours over 2 days using the hand rails. Second day he rode off the end and 50+ feet into the parking lot. I think the pitch of the ramp helped keep him going in the beginning.
Best of luck, when you get it its the most awesome sport out there.

Thanks guys!
I’m taking all your advice and I’m going to buy a 24’
Really like the idea of the 4x4!
I know this might be asking a lot but would you happen to have a video on youtube of someone learning using a 4x4?
Can’t receive if I don’t ask. Thanks for your guys time.

Found a good deal

I was in the process of buying one when This one was found.
Its on sale today because of Black Sabbath or whatever and its free shipping?



Should I go with one that was suggested earlier
$168 with shipping


I believe the Freestyle will be absolutely fine for learning on.

I learned on a 20" version of that and a no-name 24".

I’m also 6’4", though with shorter inseam (about 35.5).
+1 to the recommendations for learning on a 24". I started on a 20", but after getting a 24 later on I think that would have been easier for me to learn on. After you’re up and riding, I’d recomend a 29" as your second uni.

That Club uni you found is a good deal. It is actually old stock Nimbus (you can even see the Nimbus sticker on the photo). Go for it!

If you decide to wait, Unicycle.com in U.S. will have free shipping in December.

Along with getting a unicycle, I suggest you get knee and elbow pads. Wrist guards. You can buy a cheap pack of the above three for $30 at Dick’s Sporting good store. I fell so many times when I started out. It took me longer to learn than most but now I ride a 36 in for 7 miles quite often. Good luck.

Yeah. Some protection is a good idea

When I learnt to ride as a 13 yr old I didnt use anything. But on coming back to unicycling as a 30 yr old, I’m using much more in the way of pads

For me priority is hands and wrists - I often land on the palms of my hands. Shredding the skin
I’ve got a pair of KH pulse gloves

And knees and shins
I use 661 knee and shin pads
The pedals can really take chunks out of your shins without some protection.

I’ve never felt the need for elbow pads. But knowing my luck I’m sure to trash an elbow on my next ride having said that

So get yourself a wheel, some pads and get started
Let us know how you get on

Took the Plunge

Well guys I purchased my very first Unicycle!
Really glad to have your guys advice along this journey.
I hope it pays off. Knee pads! Elbow pads and gloves good thinking!
I’ll make the investment.

The one I bought!


Sure I will also shoot some pics Sat and post them as well. If theres any one near you that rides there input and physical support will be invaluable. Good idea a few posts back about safety gear. I am researching pads now and would appreciate some suggestions from the senior guys as to who’s are the toughest.

Shin wraps to protect from pedal bite, jeans will work on the short term.

Wrist guards to keep from braking them…when you fall.

Knee and elbow? Never needed them, I can’t remember the last time I hit a knee or elbow, but wrists for sure, I land on my hands all the time.

Do yourself a favor and wear a helmet all the time, hate to read about you…

Ben you busted your knee a goodobe when we rode in chatonoga