tall giraffe

whats up,

just wondering… were would someone get a 8, 9 foot or taller giraffe? Ive been looking aroung on the net and cant find any. Do you have to make them yourself?

Tom Miller at The Unicycle Factory makes custom jobs up to 12 feet (and probably higher). My friend bought one of his 6 footers about 7 years ago. It was built like a tank and heavy, but incredibly sturdy. He uses square tubing, not round tubing, which makes it stronger but less graceful in my opinion. My friend talked to Tom for almost 3 hours on the phone when he ordered his unicycle. Tom told him on the phone that he would rather make unicycles for friends rather than doing faceless, for-profit transactions. Really a great guy from what everyone tells me.

For more info, see the web site:

If you don’t want a custom job, you can buy an 8 foot DM giraffe, which are also famous for their study construction. They use a double chain drive so there is almost no chain slippage when pedalling. They are also heavier then other types of giraffes.

I know a dude who has a 15 footer… Never seen him ride it, I don’t think his wife will let him anymore…