tall giraffe unicycle

I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of any places to get a tall giraffe for sale off the internet (10 ft. and higher). I have only found one place that sells them- http://www.tux.org/~bagleyd/unicycle_factory/custom.html
I have a six footer and I want to keep getting taller. Thanks.

Hah… off subject… but I was looking at your avatar… and can’t help but think that the wrong person has that!
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Re: tall giraffe unicycle

That’s the place and Tom does great work. He is also still improving his designs so that they are more portable.

thats woul dbe so fun but i dont konw any places

Eight foot giraffes are about as tall as you can go without getting a custom built unicycle. DM make a 5’ giraffe extendable to 8’. Unicycle.com will soon also have a 5 to 8 footer.

Bad news, i believe i’m right in saying DM are out of business, shame because i always wanted one of those 5-8ft giraffes, i shall await the appearance of UDC’s 8 footer.