tall fall

back in about 1986, I held a unicycle club at my high school One day
Television New Zealand turned up at our club and filmed us. I had a 10 ft
giraffe that was built out of several bicycles (that’s all they are good for
anyway!), being as that was the main attraction and it was my club I was voted
to ride on TV (several of us could ride it). several laps around the courtyard
and I decided to show off a bit (as we do!), a bit of a 180 degree spin, then
an ambitious 360 degree spin, hey … and a bunny hop! and lets combine them
and do a 180 degree bunny hop …OPPS… wrong thing to do, the giraffe broke
in half! AAAAAAArrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!! splat! well not quite that bad! most
interesting fall though! it seemed to take a while, I had enough time to
position a foot strategicly to force a roll dismount (landing!) that looked oh
so gracious! thankfully no injuries… A quick trip to the engineering
workshop and it was repaired in no time ready for the next shoot, but it never
felt the same! a little awkward to take places I grew tired of this beast and
traded it on a computer!

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