Tall 24" tires.

Looking for the tallest 24" tire I can find. Does anyone know of or use a tall, yet not 3" wide tire on their 24"?
Does anyone know if the schwalbe Big Apple 24" adds the same height as the 28" size does to the 29"?

Sorry, too late to edit. This would be for street cruising.

The tallest 24" street tire I can think of is the Kenda Flame, it is labeled as a 24x3 but measures a bit less.

If I were looking for a high-volume 24" street tire I would seriously consider a 24x2.4 CST Cyclops. They are supposed to be very similar to the Maxxis Hookworm tires at a fraction of the price.

EDIT: What is your goal? There are a ton of tires out there and “tall but not 3"” isn’t much to go on for a recommendation.

Is tall not wide not a problem on roads with a lot of crowning?

I never noticed any ill effects of crowning on the Big Apple and it adds a full inch and a half to the diameter of the 700c rim. I want to say that it is only 2.3" wide but measured out at almost 29.25" when inflated.

Eric, the goal is to add as much size as possible to the 24" rim without actually replacing it with a 26" rim. I have loads of frame clearance at the top and maybe on the sides and I really need a new tire anyway, so I just wanted to add some size without too much work.

I have just purchased a 24" x 2.5" Maxxis Hookworm for my Nimbus Oracle, for general cruising, as it had good reviews.
Yet to fit it, but it is wide and tall with low rolling resistance when pumped to high pressure.