talk'n 'bout MONDO

Went to the Minnesota Mondo Jugglefest last night. I was pleased to meet some of the Memphis folks, and some of our friends from Puerto Rico and South Dakota were there too!

Also met the amazing Blue Shift. I rode it about 100 mph around the gym. Well, 80 mph. At least 50 mph.

Ok, ok. I couldn’t reach the pedals because I’m too dang short, so I didn’t actually get to ride it and I’m still moping.

But I hope to go back to Mondo today or tomorrow to ride some more with the folks from out of town. Great people and lots of fun!



Get someone to saw the seatpost off for you. They only cost something like ten bucks. Or seat drag it. Kelsey’s mom is SO cool, I’ll bet she can drag the seat.

Come to think of it, I did do about four quick laps around the gym of seat drag on the Blue Shift. It wasn’t a big deal, but I think Chris was miffed. He could only ride it backwards one-footed. And then only for two laps.

I’ll see if they want me to demonstrate hand wheel walk on it today. I don’t mind, but it cuts into my practice time on the 12-foot.


NBE (nuthin but envy)

Stuck in Mudville.:frowning:

Here’s a photo of Chris screaming around the track on the blue shift. He was going so fast that I coudn’t get him all in the picture. I tried out the blue shift a few times, but I was just too scared to get it up to “real man” speeds.


I posted a gallery of some photos from the MONDO Fest.
I have a few videos that I will put up later.

Max, I set it up so you have permission to add your photos to this album.


Thanks joe. oh yeah, greg… I got going a Little fast on shifty and had to stop quick…

When have you ever gone slow? I think I’ve only seen you slow down on impact. Say hi to Gus for me.

Max has added more pictures and videos to the gallery. The last two videos are a must to download.


iv got about 12 more movies coming ( totaling about 15), but my comp is giving my trouble.

My head is still spining from the amazing time that I had at this year’s MONDO! Wonerful people! Staggering uni and juggling skills! Did I mention the wonderful people? The Wonderful people! The plans have already been laid to make next year’s event AND, without a doubt, I’ll be at Nationals! The TCUC is an amazing group - amazing in numerous, great ways.

Thanks for posting all the photos in the gallery!

Special thanks to all of you who put this event on. All of us from Memphis had a fantastic time - enjoyed every second!


Ok… the last of the vids has finally been downloaded. I will complete the captioning when I get home… hopefully.

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Anti-Grav doesn’t sound like much of a Load - let alone if it’s
Former! :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

A group of kangaroos is called a mob.

Great video clips! I was curious about the last one, labeled as hand wheel walk with seat in front. Unfortunately John Ritter did not defy the laws of physics (too much); he was doing it stomach on seat.

Sem Abrahams first did that trick at the 1979 USA Nationals in Ohio. Later, (1983 or later) Danile Dumeng worked out doing it, without pain or physical damage, while seated.

With the B.C. wheel clips, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who needs to remember not to hold the camera sideways for video…:stuck_out_tongue:

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johnfoss <> wrote:
)Great video clips! I was curious about the last one, labeled as hand
)wheel walk with seat in front. Unfortunately John Ritter did not defy
)the laws of physics (too much); he was doing it stomach on seat.

Hand wheel walk seat drag should be possible, for those with strong
arms and hands. And a strong helmet for use while learning the trick.

I think they need to move MONDO to Australia next year :). Greg, I’m a little confused about the Blue Shift. Have you made a few of them to send away to conventions and so on or was that your personal Blue Shift?

As for the photos and videos, thanks a lot for posting them. I’m going to have fun looking through all of them.


thanks john, at school there is no .avi codec so I cant check the captions to make sure I got the right vid.

Max had a real problem with that; I pleaded with him to let me hold the camera, but he insisted on filming himself. Kid’s these days… they never listen. Somebody do him a favor and rotate the flick, will ya?. :stuck_out_tongue:


by the way, the reason there arent more movies of chris is he did things so fast I couldn’t get any.

except for that so called suicide mount where he cheated and touched the seat handle at the last second.CHICKEN! Bok Bok