talk about momentum!!


It’s interesting that everyone (well, Sarah anyway) is talking about big wheels
just as my sister and I got our new 28" unicycles!! We love them

  • they are really great. So fast and smooth!! We have super short cranks on
    them, 110 mm, so you can really work up some speed. What momentume! Wow!
    Mounting is more difficult, but I can do it most of the time and I did it the
    same day I got it. :slight_smile: I can even reverse mount it, which I have been told is
    impossible… Idling is tough! I have gotten five idles - pretty wimpy
    compared to what I can do on my 24"!


>Today I cycled from Tims house to work on the coker in 10 min, Tim,my
>does the same journey on two wheels every day and recons he takes 10
>I didn’t even feel like I was going fast. WOW. A commuter machine
>And the bumpf from my local dealer came through today, they are only in the
>next county so a trip to Hampshire UK may be in the offing
>Just need to move house first. sarah

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