tales of the unaccomplished

Hi and hell-o,

    My name is Lucas and I have just recently begun to learn to ride a 20"
    unicycle. I must say that riders of any level now have my utmost
    respect. for my troubles so far i have gotten a sprained ankle and a
    sprained wrist, and a basic knowledge of how to ride a unicycle.

    My difficulties learning to ride are not the reason i am writing this
    obviously compelling letter. Why then would i write? Two reasons. One I
    am bored and two I want to tell you all a poem

    Tom got him a brand new uni It was very clean and shiny but it kinda
    hurt his little hinie

    He tried to ride it to and fro he tried to ride in rain and snow but he
    never could get the thing to go

    He tried until his nuts were blue He wore big holes in his shoes But
    ride it he just couldn't do

    Then one day he got in a lot of trouble Policeman say "get off on the
    double" Tom felt his dream begin to crumble

    They took him to the police station A big mean judge put him on
    probation If he rode it would be a big violation

    Tom said "I don't give a shit" He tried to ride off but he couldn't do
    it He fell down and bit his lip

    The judge threw him right into jail Now he's the bitch of a very large
    male His poor little rectum is always on sale

    He is going to get out in three to ten He says it ain't so bad in the
    pen But he wishes he had some salad dessin

hope you liked it bye