Tales of a new 28" Semcycle

I received my 28" semcycle today, courtesy of the ‘inter island unicycle
tradelines’ that have been made possible by the glorious unicycle email list.

The unicycle was heavily altered by Steven Newcombe in New Zealand. He added a
cycle computer, tail-lamp, headlamp, big aggressive shin-eating pedals (with an
excellent attachment on the front that stop your feet slipping forwards off the
pedals), and an altered saddle with ample sheepskin padding and a front
extension to house the computer that doubles as a handgrip.

After a rapid assembly I took of for a trial ride down the hill that I live on
top of. WAHOOO!

I clocked a top speed of 00.00 km/h. I think that the cable on the computer must
have been damaged during freight as all of the non-wheel related functions are
working fine. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

After a rapid hill climb, I took off down the hill again and tested the brake.

I have discovered unassisted human flight. I have also learnt how to start
running in mid air so that when your feet finally come in contact with the
bitumen you don’t face plant. Somehow I managed to do all this without dropping
the unicycle ! (I was impressed).

Next time I was more gentle with the brake.

Third time down the hill, helmet on, shoes laced tight, padded cycle
gloves on…

… speed …

… more speed …

… even more speed …

I then went for a trip around my local park in 1/2 the time it normally takes
on my 24".

The next step is shorter cranks.

The step after that will probably be an ambulance ride and a month in traction.

This is the unicycle that I will die on. (unless I save up for a cocker
big wheel).

Wayne van Wijk


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Re: Tales of a new 28" Semcycle

>This is the unicycle that I will die on.

Boy, talk about pessimistic! <g>


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