Tales from the Seaside

Hi all,
Having not been on my 29er for about 3 weeks due to aweful weather and a bad dose of the man-flu and since I was feeling a little better I decided I had to go out on her.
I decided to walk down to the beach as the pavements were pretty busy & I don’t want to get a bad name for myself by knocking over the neighbours. I immediately regret this as I get accosted by a drunked guy who took 15 mins to tell me that his only achievement in life had been to ride backwards on his bike when he was a kid.
My heart sank when I got to the prom as I could hear that the sea was in and the wind was stronger than at home. Luckily (for me that is) it’s a pretty grey day so there weren’t many people out.
I didn’t go far as I am still a bit under the weather (and soon wished that I hadn’t left my tissues at home). I don’t know if I was wobbling more than usual but people gave me a wide birth, 1 kid actually moving his bike out of the way when I was nowhere near it.
Never mind, all in all it was an enjoyable ride. The wind was behind me on the way back, which is always the best way, if there has to be wind. And I love riding beside the sea.
On the way back I was struck by the difference in surfaces. The Big Apple tyre doesn’t like the dusting of sand on the concrete of the prom and felt a bit slippy, however the pavement up to my house has a very fast surface in comparison and then the tarmac on the last bit of pavement is much slower, and has hidden dips and bumps.
Great fun.

(What d’you think, Mikefule, not as good as your stories I know but I thought I’d have a go)

Re: Tales from the Seaside

I spotted the “homage” in the title of the thread. :o Thank you.

Your enjoyment of the sport shines through, and I can picture the scene clearly.

If you ride for your own enjoyment, and write about the bits that made the ride good for you (or, sometimes, bad for you) then people will enjoy reading it.


Re: Tales from the Seaside

cathwood wrote:
> (What d’you think, Mikefule, not as good as your stories I know but I
> thought I’d have a go)

Not bad at all, though. If I may make one constructively critical
observation, the piece would be much easier to read if you left a
blank line between each paragraph and the next (as Mikefule always does).

OTOH, at least you used paragraphs. So many people (throughout usenet)
don’t bother.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

OK, will do.

Thanks Danny.


an the puncturation and speling is good an proper done two witch is a big bonerus four mee as it can wind mee up good an proper sumtims but maks the post ezier too reed thanks mike