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My school is having a talent show and a lot of people think that I should ride for it. I can’t remember anyone ever having a unicycle show, so I don’t know what kind of stuff I should do, but the year before I came to the school, there were a couple of people on unicycles that just rode around for the talent show. I am like a level 4.3 or something (under my name, it says 5 though, but I was just stretching the truth). I need some help think of a routine to practice, so if anybody out there has some ideas, they would be better than no ideas.

Juggle! If you have a small 12" wheel, its looks a lot coolor IMO.


Be funny. Tricks will last you about 10 seconds, so you’ll need at least 50 more seconds for people to remember you. Anything fun you can think of to do with a volunteer can be very funny, such as jump over them (only if you’re 100% solid doing it), slalom through them, etc.

PUT ME IN IT! I am sooooooooooooo much better than you.

Borrow TylerCox’s little brother’s dummy, and do a little ventriloquist act.

(Better yet, just get one of your own.)


I’m in a talent show as well. I was just about to post about it. I had try-outs today, and i amazed them.

For my act i am doing like a tutorial… I ride and my riding partner explains what i am doing, and then we switch. In the show i am doing trails moves ( jumping ontop of things ect…), freestyle moves ( mounts and trick riding), and unicycle sports( basketball and hockey).

I hope this helps you in your talent show. By the way my show is on may 19th…i’ll post and tell you how it goes.

Budd White

I just won 3rd place in a “talent show” competing against dance teams.
My routine was kindof like juggling to music on a unicycle.

You could do a routine like eating things and drinking while riding/idling and removing your shirt, things like that.
I did a trials line over some unstable 48" speakers (in my rehersal) - but the audience did NOT appreciate it - in fact they suggested that I OMIT it.
The point is that stuff that seems uber-cool for unicyclists may not seem all that great for a general audience.
Ride for your audience . . . and of course, the judges.

talent show

I was in a talent show as a unicyclist and all i did was hop around and jump and go a little backwards i do more of trials then freestyle and i would just do a little riding and basic moves for freestyle i can do a lot more then i did in my talent show and they were blown away by that

One thing that is really well appreciated is to drop off stage and ride up through the audience. Then back down, hop back up the stairs, and do some more stuff on stage. It takes a while, and most of it is straight riding, but the audience distance is dynamic so that’s ok.

A high school audience thinks that is the coolest thing in the world, far above backwards one-foot, which is much harder.

Wheel-walking is well appreciated too; have contrasting shoes and tire if you can.