Talent Show

Video of a performance I did in November for a fundraiser/talent show.

i would say that… who ever your lighting guy was… you should sock him in the jaw…

other then that… looked fun… ive done a few tallent shows also… got to love the crowed…

No videos are loading for me atm? This happened last night for a bit too. I’ll watch it later :wink:

I second the lighting guy punch. Talent shows are awesome, you kinda get this real awesome rush whenever you land a trick and hear or see the crowd’s reaction. I did a talent show type demo thingy a while back.


I’ve done a few others since that one but haven’t got any newer videos of demos/talent shows. Great job for the tiny space and short time you had even if the lighting sucked.

Nice hat. I admire anyone that can pull those off, I wish i could.

Nice. I’m pretty sure most tricks are like twice as hard when you’re performing in front of people, so good job. And yeah, the lighting guy needs to be fired…

Thanks guys. I had no idea the lighting would be so bad until I saw the video myself. But yeah, I found performing on stage pretty nerve racking. By the end of it I was shaking so bad. The 360 unispin at the end was litterally a last second decision. I was very surprised I landed it because I was so nervous.

Awesome James. Good job. How come your spokes look weird?

Good job james. It always feels really weird to ride infront of a crowd that way. I rode infront of my church once to help out my youth paster with a sermon he was doing. I wasn’t really nervous, but I just found it really hard to do very basic things like hop up stairs, knowing that a huge crowd was watching me.

And the weirder thing is that I don’t have this feeling at all if I’m out riding causually and a crowd starts watching.

I thought you did pretty good, we’ll have to go for a ride in the spring time!

haha I love that feeling. It gets WAY easier after a while to perform like that and you get less shaky. I tend to feed off the crowd now haha I need to KNOW that they are staring at me and impressed. it makes failing not an option and just brings out the showman in me.

I weaved glow sticks through the spokes. The effect wasn’t caught on video, but it looked really cool in person.

lol it looks as if you have very few, very cool looking spokes.

Ive done all kinds of talent shows since i was in elementary school.
I feel a big one is always music… i did one show without it, like you did maddi., and it sucks cause everyones attention is on you and your on them… With music you can at least focus on to get your mind off the crowd.
I would always spend a week making a routine. certain tricks in order usually leading up to jumping over a few of my friends or something. always moer fun with friends

talent show suggestions

im gana be in my first talent show next spring infront of a huge high school, kids from other middle schools, and possibly a news team. im nervous just thinking about it and im a street rider so this makes it difficult to preform my style tricks on a flat stage surface so im looking for suggestions on wut to do for the show and how to “wow the croud”. also if more experienced preformers have suggestions on how to ease your nerves that would be valuable information as well.

Go buy some wood and some pallets and build yourself some props that you can either disassemble and re-assemble on the stage in a course or are small and light enough to get into the area and be impressive.