Talent show omgosh!

:smiley: YAY talent show coming up at my school. Tryouts in one week and actual show in about one month. One problem. I dont know what the hell im goi9ng to do! Thats why YOU, yes you, must help me to win the 75$ prize! Suggestions such as routine, jokes, music choices would all be greatly appreciated. I know theres a ton other guys posting threads like this but they didnt help me out much. On my unicycle I can do the basic stuff such as forwards, backwards, idle, one foot idle, and hopping. (also learning to ride one footed. Any ideas? any suggestions would be GOLD.

P.S how do you reply to what somebody says? I know how to reply, but not how to reply to a certain persons post.


Just the fact that your unicycling, and not singing, playing the piano, or telling lame jokes, will probably put you ahead. In my talent show last year, there were like 20 singers, and me. You can guess what the favorite was.

Edit: 75 bucks! LUCKY!

However, I get self respect. SO BEAT THAT!


just ride. get a few friends who ride to ride with you, maybe ride a giraffe.

And split the money?! No way! (i’m kidding)

Show the people what they want to see. Do tricks that are easy for you, and look cool to them.

Just like I said to the other people, suicide mounts, despite their name, are easy and non-riders are blown away by them. They can’t imagine how you let go before you get on, and they always seem to think it is very risky to the ‘important parts’.

Seat drops, even without letting go of the seat, are also good to use. Hop seat in front, then stop and try to touch the seat to the ground while holding it. The longer you can hold it down, the better.

If you fall, try to make it look intentional and really quickly do a trick-mount. It makes it look like you got off to do another trick.

If you have a giraffe, USE IT!

I hope it goes very well and I hope you are $75 richer afterwards! Don’t worry about getting past tryouts, I’m sure they’ll pass you through the moment they see you bring a unicycle in. :wink:

don’t forget to do something that’s “HARD” (faking is fine) and mess up a few times before you get it.

Thanks CrazyJoe. Unfortunatelty I do not own a giraffe unicycle:( On the bright side, that 75$ dollars will go towards getting one in the summer:D
Oh, second place gets 50$ and third gets 25$. Also, I do not know how to jump mount but im not sure how to do it or if I could even jump that high!

thats true lol

got any tips for what to do? What did you do? Ride around like a madman or do some freestyle. Help is appreciated :smiley:

What size unicycle do you plan on riding? If it’s a 20", you should have no problem jumping high enough. If you can jump as high as your pedals when they are horizontal, you can get on the seat.

To get a jump/suicide mount, set up your pedals horizontally, and hold the seat with both hands. Try to get a balance of the uni where you have a few seconds after you let gof or it to fall. Practice a few times by letting the seat drop without jumping. Then do it a few times where you jump after you let go but you don’t jump onto it. Next, try jumping on, land on the pedals, and just step off right away until you feel comfortable landing on it. Then your ready to try to complete it by riding away! Of course you will want to get a normal jump mount before you attempt the suicide mount.

It only took me about 10 minutes to learn both, and I got each within a few tries.

Once again, good luck!

a suicide mount could come under that category… for your finale you could fail it a couple of times and really ham up the pain (practice the failing lots, you don’t want to really hurt yourself!)

Jump off the stage, ride around and find a few volunteers, bring them up the stage, with you of course, jumping back up the steps. Then have the people lay down and you jump them.

Make an act out of it though so it holds people attention and give the people laying down some doubt before you fly over them.

but make sure you dont land on them!! hahahaa

The crowd will love the suspense. :slight_smile:

Already a bunch of good suggestions in this thread…

How were those other threads not helpful. Was it because you didn’t actually read them? Almost everything that’s been posted above was in those threads too.

scanned really… Its just the others seemed a bit more… serious, if you may

Yea I was thinking about jumping over a couple of my friends but whatever

Yay okay heres the deal. Today was one of the two tryout days and I made it =). I didnt really do much though, just ride backwards and one foot idle. They really seemed to love it though so now all I need is good music nd routine and I will be as good as ready. OH!, also today I saw two other unicyclists at my school, but I did not see them at auditions. How exciting! little competition never hurt! Keep it up with the advice guys! Its really sinking in and falling into place.

Yeah keep it up guys. Im loving all this help