Talent competition - need your votes :)

Hi, me and my friend Petter entered a local talent competition. As you might guess, we did unicycle. So they sent us through to the finals as one of 6 finalists, and the winner will be chosen via text messages. At the area this competition were held there lives about 4000 people so theres not that many voters, thats why im asking all of you who reads this to vote for us as every vote will mean alot. I hope you guys want to help out to fella unicyclists :slight_smile:

There will be 3 prizes
The first prize is about 2000 $ second prize is about 1000$ and third price 500$

If you want to help us, send:
Stem 5
to 00472131
You can vote as many times as you like, and thanks alot for reading this and an even BIGGER thanks to those who votes for us! :smiley:
PS!: The text message costs 0.5$ each

Did i mention i gief hugs to voters? :roll_eyes:

no video to see what we are voting for?

No, im sorry :frowning: I dont know if anyone recorded it. But ill post it here if i find anyone who recordet it :slight_smile:

That 0.5$ may only be true in your country. In my country, that many digits won’t send a text. What country are you in?

Im from norway i might have said something wrong, but i think 3 Nok is about the same as 0.5 $

In this case it’s a “localnet” extention, an internal GSM network code of an operator, that’s synced with the other national operators, but the main E.164 phone system (an ITU standard) usually doesn’t know how to route these. Technically it can be bypassed by ENUM, a protocol that translates DNS into phonenumbers, for example equals +43 780-UNI-CYC. But in reality it depends on the countries numbering policies and facilities if they can translate a GSM internal code to a E.164 number and to a ENUM number. I don’t know if the Norwegian Enum policy allows the registration of (+47 2131). I’m looking forward to see one in the wild.

There are also other cases with few digits that do match the E.164 numbering standard, for example when the .tk registry in Amsterdam needs to call peeps in Tokelau there’s only 7 digits. Landlines do support, but GSM doesn’t. Adding 3 zero’s solves it.
And -no kidding- since yesterday I’m on a network for network operators. Dialing NASA is just 2 digits.

Another reason why above number will not work is the 00 in stead of +
Not all countries use 00 as the international access code, like the USA where it’s 011. Here’s a useful overview.

OK, that was pretty much detailed info to say: the number probably wont work outside Norway.