Taking unis abroad...

I’m not sure if this should be in JC or here… but anyway, I’m going to Hong Kong soon, from the UK and want to take my trials uni with me.

What’s the best and safest way to do this?? Does anybody have any good/bad experiences with taking their unis abroad?

Thanks a lot,

What a coincidence! I am going to be heading to yantai china may 6th to august 20th and I also really want to bring my unicycle with me. For what its worth, shipping overseas is far too cost prohibitive to be an option. I’ve read that on some airlines your allowed to bring a bicycle, and you will get some kind of charge for it, but I am currently still investigating this.

See the thread Traveling with unis. It also had links to other good threads.

Happy Trails!

2 days ago i brought my uni on a plane. when you get it checked, when they ask what it is just tell them bicycle parts. when it goes through the xray thats what it looks like anyway

GP, how did you take it on the plane?? Just pack it up or what? Thanks for the link Unibrier! :slight_smile:

i packed it into the box that the ebay seller sent to me. i didnt have any trouble at all with it.

Ah I see. So mentioning any form of cycle is a big no-no??

The theory is if you say “cycle” at all, that gives them a rationalization to charge the “bicycle fee” ($80 US on one airline last time I checked).

I subscribe to the “performance equipment” school. It’s accurate, and they won’t consider that to mean bicycle.

You should still watch the luggage size limits as well. Most airlines limit the size and weight of your checked baggage.