taking uni overseas

ok im a uni noob from the United Kingdom. i got a cheap new uni off ebay for the hell of it for £25 (approx $50-55). im almost getting good enough to get around on it.

in a couple of weeks im going to be flying out to south carolina to work in a summer camp for 3 months so my questions are:
1)can you get $50 unis in the states?

  1. is it worth shipping it to the states and shipping it back or should i buy another $50 uni from ebay in the states and ditch it when im done?

3)will i get shot by a redneck in south carolina for riding such a “gay” method of transport?

4)will i die of heat exhaustion before i get shot?

  1. will i have any time to ride it while workin in camp?

your probably better off buying a cheapie one in US and donating it to some guy there that wants to try.

Or just put ur cheapie one in ur suitcase.

I fit a trials uni in my back pack when flying to British Columbia from Saskatchewan. It was no problem but took up a lot of room in my bag.

It would probably make to most sense to just buy another cheep uni when you land in the States if yours only cost $50.

What kind of summer camp are you working at? I work at a Wilderness Camp for kids ages 8-18 in Northern Sask. It is awesome, I hope to lead the oldest group of campers this year on a 24 day hiking and canoe trip :).

whatever you decide to do, Good Luck and have FUN!!


I think you should be fine just taking it in a suitcase or duffle bag or hockey bag. I use a hockey bag and I can easily fit my 26er and trials, and its plane safe (relatively if you tell them its circus equipment).

everything works great if you tell them you are circus

Just don’t sneer like a carney when they ask you if your last gig bombed :sunglasses:

The luggage allowance from UK to US is loads, you can easily take a unicycle.

Put it inside a suitcase or a bag, because then you never have to pay extra for it being a ‘bike’ and don’t have any hassle with it.


I’m gonna pack my bags before i go and see how mcuh i have to take, i never manage to pack light. I also have a long case with all my archery gear to lug around so big backpack, archery case and suitcase with uni in it might be a bit much. Im going traveling for 4 weeks in august and september so i’ll probably mail my archery gear home before i leave for that.

ebay in the states seems to have some new $65 unis on it so that’s a pretty good option.

its Blue Star camps - jewish faith camp in the top left corner of south carolina. I havent done anything like this before so it should be an experience! Im a riflery instructor with no experience of teaching and not a huge amount of rifle experience but i should be able to pick up the teaching thing fast, iv been teaching archery for a couple of years now and its not too dissimilar to riflery.

Im not sure what the Jewish thing is gonna be like. i’m somewhere between an aethiest and an agnostic so it could be fun being stuck in a jewish faith camp in the bible belt for 3 months! apparently half the staff are non-jewish so it should all be fine. I’m just eating as much pig as i can before i go!

none of my cases are anywhere near big enough to fit the wheel in. im hitting the charity shops with a tape measure to see if i can find something

I’m now in the process of figuring out how to get my 24" muni to FLUCK.

Suitcase seems like a good idea.

need to watch the dimensions for the airlines. most seem to have a maximum length they will send and a maximum “linear dimensions” measurement which is length+breadth+height=total

im guessing its a good idea to keep the tyre slightly inflated for added protection but to a low pressure due to the lower pressure when flying.

im now thinking i wont be taking mine 'cos im only allowed 1 handbagage and two checked. I already have that with my big backpack and archery gear in a case. extra bags at $80 each way means its cheaper to buy another uni in the states and ditch it, cheaper by about $90!

It does get very hot in the summer. The humidity is the worst part. A 100 degree day with no humidity is great compared to 80 degrees and high humidity. You probably won’t get shot by rednecks if your in the top of the state. Don’t forget to bring insect reppelent.

you think SC is bad, try riding in FL. The humidity hear is nasty 24/7 365. Itsespecially nasty with all the wildfires in the area right now where I live…sweating and coughing. You should see me practicing my uni with a face mask on! Most rednecks could care less about what someone else is riding. The most you will probably get is a “what the hell”. Now if you ride around and screaming I am gay and/ or Rednecks are idiots. Or anything about the south sucking hard and the north being where it is at. Doing that sort of thing could get you in trouble, but riding a uni, I dont think it will be much of a problem.

I checked out their website and it looks awesome. I work at St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp and It is supper fun. I have also taught archery at summer camps and have tried to get a riflery/airgun course set up at Bosco but have been unable to get board of directors approval.

I hope you have a blast working at Blue Star and get payed a crapload more than I do :slight_smile:

In my experience, cheap unis turn out to be not so cheap after upgrading parts for reasons of comfort/fit/durability/etc. Maybe you could pack everything you’ll need to build the uni except for the wheel, and then find a cheap wheel when you arrive.

im i right in thinking uni wheels are kinda special in the hub?

just had a thought: totally dissassemble it, then get someone to rebuild the wheel with a new rim when i get there since the rim is the bit that wont fit inside anything…how much does it cost to build a wheel with a new rim and can it be done in a standard wheel jig?is it possible to do a semi trued up rim-job by myself without a jig? im guessing no since iv only ever done a tiny bit of wheel truing up.

i might even be able to fit the rim into my big rucksack…

why hasnt someone come up with a folding wheel? wouldnt be too difficult for a simple uni for learning on where stresses and forces can be kinda low and the tire doesnt have to be air filled.

Florida isn’t that bad if you live near the beach… I personally hate the beach, but the breeze is nice…