Taking the uni to school-- somewhat URGENT!

We’ve got a little spannish project, and we have to make our own “product,” like paper airplanes, cereal boxes or something. I made juggling balls via the rice/balloon method. Props (unicycles) are extra credit.

So the problem is-- I’ve got a Nimbus Hoppley. And the TIRE (Maxxis Creepy Crawler) likes to make scuffs everywhere! …at least from what I’ve noticed. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m just assuming it would be worse on tile, at school. So the thing is, IF I scuff up the entire hallway, I’ll probably get in trouble for it because I never really told the teacher about bringing the uni.

“Miestra, can we bring in anything for a prop?”
“Oh, sure… so long as there’s no drugs, weapons, or things that might get you in trouble.”
“Sounds good to me!”

I’ve taken a unicycle to school before, but it was my begginer, Savage. So it was fine. So I’m wondering: Should I worry about the tire scuffing up my school’s floor at all? And, is there anything I can do to protect the floor…? Right now I’m thinking anything from changing the tire, which I don’t have a replacement at the moment-- to just seran wrapping it, which sounds like a terrible idea.

Do you have any other uni’s?

i wouldnt be too worried about tile, it seems like my Maxxis CC only scuffs abrasive surfaces like sidewalks. It might be wise to go in early and tell the teacher about your concerns and then to do a small test where no one would notice. My school has carpet in the classrooms… so I havent had this probolem before. Good Luck

umm… I’ve got the fatty Sun, with the 4 inch wide tire. It’s not exactly my prefered unicycle when I have a choice.

I think I’ll do fine with the Nimbus if I take it easy. I’m not planning on jumping on desks or anything.

That sounds like a good idea, going in early and testing it. I’ll try that out.

Put a tennis ball on the end of a broom handle. Cut the tennis ball to insert the broom handle. Rub the floor vigorously with the tennis ball to remove tire scuff marks.

Also be careful if you have metal pedals. It would be best to put plastic pedals on if you’re going to ride indoors. Metal pedals can cause floor damage (chips, dents, deep scratches, etc.).

Don’t seran wrap the tire. No need and that would just cause problems for riding.

Test the tire scuffs in an inconspicuous area and test the tennis ball contraption to remove those scuffs. Should be fine.

Still trying to figure out why you need to ride in the hall to do a demonstration in your class. In other words, don’t ride it except for your demo. At worst, you’ll make a bunch of scuffs in the little area where you do your demo, which will be easy to clean up (responsible) or easy for the custodial staff to clean up (not-so-responsible).

If you still have your learner uni this would also be better to use for your demo because it’s probably easier to ride while juggling anyway. Really. If you want to show off your fat-tire uni that’s kind of a separate issue…