Taking the plunge! Into street/flatland

Ok so Cody, (unicaw) who is a very talented, fearless and mad-skilled street rider, has suggested that I get a Koxx1 black domina, with a light crank/hub set, as I told him I want to learn crank roll stuff and all the street/flatland tricks! I know many of you will have your own opinions on which is the best setup.

I won’t be doing any big drops (I’ll save that for my MUni) and mostly want to learn tricks and sif stuff, so I want light as possible. Then again, the KH trials right off the shelf seems like a good, strong all-around uni for tricks and trials.

Looking at these: http://renegadejuggling.com/Web_store/rev3k/index.html

Well, for flat the Black Domina II is the best choice: nice cranks, good crown and longneck.
But don’t do big street on it, because the cranks bend faster then the other ISIS cranks and the frame might be not as strong as should be.

Yeah Cody was bent his yesterday doing some drops.

Oh, and if I’m not interested in freestyle, why would I need/want the long neck like on the Black d? And what’s the diff between the Black D and the Black D ll?

I may be overthinking this thing. Maybe I should just go with a standard KH trials, but I’l add a pitfighter ll seatpost, try-all tire (white would be awesome but oh well:() and plastic twisted odysee pedals. Not too bad a set up light & strong and can still do drops! :sunglasses: :D:):stuck_out_tongue:

I would go with the Domina 2 (Alien BF or Green Spirit), but with the reinforced hub!

You can make a mix… I like my Setup, a Koxx Wheelset with KH Frame and KH Seat… I really like it!

The Black Domina 2 is a reinforced version of the Black Domina 1. Koxx Released the domina 2, the alien Back Flip and the Green Spirit, they are basically the same frame in different colors. (But Alien BF have more tire clearance).

The Long Neck helps a lot in Crank Rolls…

Instead of that stupid PitfighterII, just buy the Reinforced Qu-ax post.
Cheaper and stronger.
And from what I heard, the K1 street cranks are much better for flatland tricks.

Sweet setup!:slight_smile: But how does a long neck help with crank rolls?

I’m interested in getting a flatland uni too, or at least adapting one I already have. In the majority of videos i’ve seen, riders are using what look like trials tires, whereas a few are on more freestyle looking ones. What are peoples opinions on this? … and essentially, what is the best tyre for flatland tricks?

There isn’t a seatpost clamp sitting right where your feet go by. When doing crank rolls and wraps and such you are often bringing your foot from one side of the frame to the other. Having a long neck with keep the clamp tucked away under the seat. Honestly you will not catch your foot on the clamp (on a shortneck) very often, but it CAN happen.

EDIT: Ooops, forgot to mention the most important aspect of a longneck, you are alot less likely to bash your knees on the clamp… sometimes on the upstroke my knee will hit the back of the clamp… A rounded clamp solved this problem for me.

But won’t the long neck restrict the saddle from going low enough for si rolling hops? *Edit: Probbly not unless you’re really short. :slight_smile: My torker lx 20 has a longer neck than a KH tirals, but still a lot shorter than the black domina.

No, depending on your size. Very few riders need a lower seat then the K1 long neck size (25cm?). At your height, it will not be an issue.

Yeah I’ve just been reading other threads/reviews about that frame and that it’s prone to breaking fairly easy.
Again, a good basic setup for me might be:

'07 KH trials uni w/137mm cranks
Pitfighter ll seatpost
Try-all tire
twisted odyssey plastics

Seems this would be light, and strong enough for biggish drops.

If you want light. The qu-ax CrMO 127s are lighter than the Moments. They are also IMO better for flatland. I have not heard about anyone bending them.

Couldn’t find 127’s.
Do you mean these: http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1204
It says it fits KH hubs, but isn’t the '07 different from early KH hubs?

Those are the ones. I had an email relay with UDC about how they had a typo saying they were 127s and not 125s. They assured me they were no wrong, that they are actually 126.5 or somethings stupid and rounded up. Bahaha, Thats UDC for you.

Yes they will fit on a Moment hub, or the nimbus hub. Hell they will even fit on a K1 hub. They will work on any ISIS hub. They dont go on quite as far to a K1 hub so you need extra spacers… so I would recommend a KH or Nimbus. However since they sit further out on a K1 hub there is more room for your feet for crank rolls.

Which cranks are better for flatland? the street koxx cranks or the normal koxx trials cranks? will the trials cranks work decently and what is the best length for flatland?
Not trying to hijack the thread but I thought it was relavent and I didn’t want to make a whole new topic

terry don’t do it!!!.. :roll_eyes:

Why do you want a Pitfighter?
They are stupidly expensive whill there is the Qu-ax post which is cheaper and strong as hell.