Taking Care of your Uni

My old unicycle is just about at the end of its lifecycle. And it’s been abused. It’s rusty, the frame is bent, the cranks are bent, one of them is clinging on with nothing but Loctite. And I’ve only been riding it for a few months! :smiley::frowning:

So I ask you this: What can I do to help my new uni last a bit longer when I finally get it? And how can I prevent rust?

To help things along, here is the cotterless crank installation guide from LiveWire Unicycles, one I believe I shall be following so as not to destroy the cranks on my new uni. No more hammering on the crank till it doesn’t go on anymore and then getting two people to help tighten the nut on!

It’d be great if you can just post a hint on any type of uni as well - from a coker to a giraffe.


its really easy to keep the rust away just never leave it out in the rain and keep it inside at night. thats what i have done and i havent got a single bit of rust. and with the cranks just make sure you do them up tight enough and put some locktite on it and it should be fine or you could clean it regualy to keep the rust off