Taking apart old Schwinns

> On the older Schwinn unicycles, is it possible to remove the bearings
> and the hub/wheel assembly? Also, is it possible to remove the cranks
> without a fancy “crank arm puller”? And if so, how? Thanks alot for
> all your help,

Schwinn bearings are attached with snap rings on either side. These can be
popped off with a couple of screwdrivers and some patience. I’m sure there is a
“proper” tool you can use too but I don’t have one.

The bearings fit pretty tight inside the fork halves, but you should be able to
tap them out with a hammer. I lay the bearing on a flat surface, and gently tap
on the fork around the bearing until the fork is flat to the surface. Then tap
out the bearing. On old Schwinns, I have not encountered a problem getting
bearings off the axle. On the contrary, the problem has been making them fit
tight or hold still on there…

“Old” Schwinn cranks use cotter pins, and they can be removed with a punch, or
similar tool to tap out the pin. No other tools should be needed for that. If
you have cotterless cranks, your Schwinn is a little less “old”, and you will
need a crank puller to do it properly.

There is a “poor man’s” method for removing cranks too: take off the retaining
nut (14mm), then ride, rock, hop, and otherwise put stress on the cranks until
they come loose. This is not a good method, as it can cause wear you don’t want,
and also never seems to work when you want it too. The cranks that always come
loose when you don’t want them to, never want to come off at the appropriate
times! :slight_smile:

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