Taking 29" Uni to Japan Should I......

Hey all… Heading off on family vacation from Syd to Japan for 11 days. Last few overseas trips, I took my 29" along with me. Albeit the trips are not about time spent on Uni, it’s kind a cool to experience riding in new cities countries etc… Due to the bulkiness of transporting 29" , mrs Jimmy is not so happy as apparently logistics in Japan for carrying bulk items are not so friendly. Eg cargo storage on bullet train getting on and off transport not so friendly and the public secure lockers readily available for storage are not so large to accomodate the 29".
Bottom line, it is a hassle to lug around from hotel to hotel and too and thro airport … But it’s very cool to wonder about on the uni in a new country…
So wondering whether anyone out there has travelled with their Uni to Tokyo and if so what the experience was like etc …?? and whether I should pursue or cave in … Jimmy

With so many unicyclists in Japan, it should be possible to borrow one, though that would mostly limit you to 24" or 20". 29ers do take up a lot of space in an urban environment.

I remember a visit to the Japan Unicycling Association’s offices in 1987. I had my 24", and a bag with photo albums in it. I left their offices, right around 5:00pm, with that and a bunch of gifts they gave me. As you would expect, the subway in central Tokyo was like a sardine can. I managed to squeeze in the door, but it kept closing on my wheel, which was sticking out. This was holding up the train and I was balancing my big bag on my head to fit in there. I finally got the wheel to squeeze inside the door, and proceeded for the next few stops, with several other passengers politely giving me dirty looks. :o

Especially the poor lady who was kind of stuck in my armpit, with that arm balancing the photo album bag on my head!

Keep getting the impression that space considerations in Japan is a real red flag … Appreciate your input … Am not so keen to borrow one though… Seat comfort and size preference etc weighs in here. …Pity there is no market demand for uni hires / rentals… Many thanx Jimmy