Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

A family friend came around last night who has a thirteen year old son who is heavily into BMX, he races nationally at organised events most weekends.

So I started showing off on my uni, then dropped the seat on my 20" learner and let him have a go. After half an hour he could do more than I could do after a week. He even had a go at freemounting and almost made it, he fell off loads and hurt his ankle but just got back on again, and by the time he had to go he could ride 25 yards or so and hop arround. Now he wants a uni for his birthday!


i say slaughter him now b4 he embarrasses us later :sunglasses:

Just couldn’t let your title pass without comment;

Gracefully surrender the things of youth my a$$!! They’re going to have to drag me, kicking and screaming, from the things of youth. They’re what keeps me young.:wink:

Now, to the meat of your post. I had a similar experience with my stepson. About a year ago I gave him my 20" cheapo to play around with (he was 21 at the time). The same evening he came back over to the house to show me what he had accomplished. He could mount by hanging on to his car and ride 50 to 100 meters consistently. I then showed him how to free mount. He went home to practice that and was doing it 25% of the time the next day. He accomplished in 36 hours what took me months.:o

well, im not old, but if it makes you feel better it took me a week or two to go 50 meters