[Take it - very cheap] 5ft Giraffe Unicycle - Its Old

I’ve got a giraffe unicycle sitting in my closet. I bought it off some random guy for $20 and I rode it and had a bit of fun for a week or so but I’m bored of it. I don’t want it anymore. Its older and has a savage style seat on it but whoever wants it can have it for $10. Shipping probably wouldn’t be too pretty as its heavy and large though if you are willing to pay for it we could work something out.

i want it.
can you quote the shipping to brazil ?

you got photos ?

Without even quoting the price I can tell you its not worth it. Its really heavy, its most likely older than I am, its got surface rust in spots and you would definitely want to get a tune up on it before really riding it. I can get pictures when I get home today and I’ll weigh it to get an idea. Shipping to Brazil would probably cost a pretty penny.

i’d buy it but i don’t have much moneys right now.

I’ll take it if it’s still availible. Do you take Paypal. I can have it shipped pretty cheap so let me know by PM. Thanks

im intersted but where do you live?

I just quoted on UPS.com delivery to Sao Paulo and with the estimated box dimensions with international shipping it costs over a thousand dollars! That certianly isn’t worth it.

Beener I do not have Paypal sorry, and wouldn’t the duties charges make shipping rather expensive to Canada?

I’m in Laconia, New Hampshire in the United States, look under my avatar.

I need you guys to understand that this thing is not in great condition and I believe the man I got it from said its from the 70s, it is however ridable if you don’t fear for your life.

I’d get pictures but I’ve been rather ill all day.

it is what the brazilians have to pay
always when buying from udc i have to pay thousands of dollars just in shipping

but anyways thank you

There’s not going to be any duty on a rusty old unicycle. PDC sends me stuff all the time by USPS and it is cheap. I am realy looking for a second giraffe and want to do some mods on it anyway. I will work out USPS shipping to Canada for you and let you know by PM.

how much will it cost to califrnia castaic 91384

Just a suggestion you might want to talk to your local bicycle shop when shipping they may be able to get you a better rate as a comercial shipment and might even help with the charging it

however they may as well have a small fee to go along with it