Taiwanese vs. American-built splined axles

I notice that most of the new splined axles coming out now are
made in Taiwan. I come from an automotive background and
in my experience, tools made in Taiwan tend to break more often
than American or European-manufactured tools, although they
are cheaper to buy. Tools made by Snap-On, some Craftsmen
tools, and Germans tools are far superior to anything coming
out of Taiwan.

Is it fair to speculate that splined unicycle axles will compare
in a similar manner, in that Taiwanese axles will be tend to be
cheaper but also weaker than American axles? Or is that an
unfair or unwarranted comparison, given the lack of experience
with their relative strengths?


I’ll hope that the Onza hub isn’t made in Taiwan… . Do someone know where they are producing ?


I don’t think it’s fair to say that one country makes stronger parts than another country. It’s more to do with what the supplier wants to sell in terms of strength, quality, tolerance etc. Whatever the supplier of the hub deems appropriate to sell.