Taioga tires?

it just snowed here and i need new tires fo the snow so i went to a local mountain b*ke shop that had 3 unis in it a week or two ago and are still there and so i asked the guy a the counter what a good Muni tire would be that he had, and if he could custom order a few things. he was really nice and wasn’t astranged with the fact hat i did muni and he even said that he knows a few people that did ride. Anyways he mentioned a 2.3" and 2.7" Tiaoga brand tyre and said they’re the best for the price so does anyone know any place to find the tire. :thinking:


I haven’t tried tioga tyres on a unicycle, but from a mountain biking point of view a lot of the 2.7 tioga tyre are very good. Am I right in assuming that this is a 26" wheel? I wouldn’t have thought they’d be too hard to find because here in Australia there are heaps at the local bike shop.

Good luck,

will get you info on their tires. They should be available from your LBS.

My bike shop bought my Tioga Factory DH 26x2.5 through Quality Bike Parts (QBP). If you mention QBP, their eyes will probably light up.

I like the tire much better than the Kenda Kolossal that came with the Pashley Power wheel.