Tailbone Protection For MUni?

Been riding a good bit of MUni lately and take a good fall now and then. A couple of them have been to the backside … on me buttocks. Ha.
Although so far no tailbone injury, it has been close on rocks and logs especially jumping down wet stuff. No worries though … I am gonna do it one way or another. But…
Does anyone wear a tail pad or such?
Any advise would be truly appreciated. I Thankee…

Those look really sturdy! Thanks for the consideration and I will consider them. They don’t seem terribly expensive …

I’m not sure exactly what kind of riding your doing but I used to do some fairly technical speed muni and that was the one thing I didn’t injure.

Well … wet rocks for one. I probably just need to improve my technique. Hurt the tailbone as a younger feller and just do not want to do it again.
Also I could play hookie from work in those days, can’t now!

I see. Then I certainly think it would be prudent to get some protection.
I havn’t done many wet rocks but it kinda scared me when you mentioned them. heh.

While still kind of at the learning stage I fell backwards and bruised my tailbone (I don’t have much padding back there. I couldn’t sit w/o any discomfort for almost two months. Sitting on the saddle wasn’t as bad as a chair so I could still practice.

After that I almost always wear those 661 Pro Bomber shorts. I have the small size and they were still very loose, so I sowed the padded sections together. They didn’t have enough padding for my skinny but so I added some 2"X6" upulstry foam nearly 2 ft long, and I wrap it around my hips and but between the 661’s and my cycling shorts then regular shorts or pants over that.

I like the hard armor of my 661’s (after one Muni ride there was a decent sized dent in one of the hip pads). I’m thinking of adding another pair of soft padded shorts to substitute my foam, like maybee these or these.

Quite frankly I’m surprised no one has replied with the ultimate solution to tailbone protection from none other than MUni pioneer George Peck.

His eloquent, readily available using items found at the supermarket, diy and inexpensive method for tailbone protection is probably second to none.

The secret to his protective method is the absorption factor of kitty litter.

An instructional video of the construction of his kitty litter and newspaper (I think newspaper was involved in the construction, correct me if I’m wrong) tailbone protection can be found on the classic MUni video “Rough Terrian Unicycling”, which is also featured on the UNiVERsE 2 DVD.

I haven’t had the opportunity to construct my own kitty litter tailbone protection, so your mileage may very.


If cost is an issue then you could always employ the power-bocking method of tail bone protection. four 10" lengths of foam pipe insulation and duct tape - PIC.

Maybe you could fill each pipe with kitty litter to increase the protection.

Wet Rocks

Wet smooth rocks are as slippery as ice and it is really hard to determine which way the tire is going to slip out!


The bomber shorts sound like a good way to go. I haven’t tried them though.

Here is a link to something I made a while back.

The link in that thread seems to have gone old. Here is the new one with pix. http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=49106 Once there, you can click next to see other pix.

I found I almost never fall on my tailbone even though I wore it. I just stopped wearing it for Muni even for technical steep stuff. The pad comes up above the waistline. During the last two years I have been getting lower back spasms and the pad seemed to bring those on when I wore my hydration pack, so I stopped wearing it. I haven’t fallen since I stopped wearing it. (knock on wood)