"Tah - Tan - Gahhhh" FACE PLANT !


Just do like we do inn Hong Kong, which is:

Keep a smile, hold your UNI in the air, and proclaim proudly to all
sheep around:

    "Tah - Tan - Gahhhhhhhhh"

               which means:

    "I did it on purpose!!!!!!!!"



At 09:34 PM 3/14/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Face Plant report
>Dorset 13th March 1999 12.45pm
>There I was uniing peacefully across a very muddy farm yard, the kind that is
>covered in two inches of mixed mud and sheep shit and water. When with no
>warning I face plant, worse still, I roll. Ending up covered from feet to
>collar in this light grey brown sludge. Picking my self up out of the primeviel
>swamp I see Paul is up ahead leaning on a landrover laughing, Jerry kindly if
>gingerly holds onto my filthy uni while I attempt to shift some of the muck
>with handfulls of straw. Two miles down the road my wet muddy shorts are still
>wet and muddy but the sludge on my flece has formed a crust. Thankfully Jerry
>allows me back in his van inspite of the smell and doesn’t make me walk home.
>Thank you Jerry
>Face Plant report over sarah