Tacoed wheel

My wheel looks slightly less severe than this one.
Is this a re-truing job or do I have to disassemble the wheel and straighten the rim first?

Stick a fork in it, its done.


Time to buy a new rim!

It is possible to bang a wheel bent that way back into shape enough to be rideable, but it will never be really straight, and it will never be as strong again. If you want to work on it, you should delace the rim from the hub, put it in a vise and bend and hammer it as close to round and straight as possible, then relace it and try to true.

But it’s probably not worth it, unless you’re out on the trail. I rode about 15 miles at Moab 2003 after tacoing my wheel, but that’s just because it was ride it that way or go home.

It will never feel the same.
(round and smooth)

Even the slightest blemish to the rim transfers to the seat.

sniff ‘swhat I was afraid of. Do they still make schwinn s7 rims? I think I’ll replace that rim and save up for a more sturdy unicycle that will take my 5’ drops.

i think it got

but i would say just get a new rim