TA tire on Oversized Airfoil

I have one of the slightly oversized airfoils that UDC sold in 2005. I was wondering if anyone has put a TA on one of these yet? Thanks.

Yes, but it does seem tougher than the recent “X” series of rims.
I have both, and put an old airfoil next to an “x”, and the “x” is indeed smaller.

I think I have the old big rim, I’d have to ask Roland to make sure and I’m running a TA tire on it with no probs, the tire is a little tricky to get on, but that’s probs the same on an X rim.

TA on Airfoil

I hope we are talking about the same rim. These were also a screw up and were slightly bigger than the normal airfoil so it was a beast getting the standard coker tire on. I don’t want to buy a TA and not be able to get it on.

The TA will fit any Airfoil. Just make sure you get the already-mounted part of the bead (edge of tire) in the center valley of the airfoil rim when pushing the last part of the bead over the outside edge into the rim.

how is the TA tire for muni?

I’ve not done any really serious Muni on the TA yet but just riding across grass and muddy paths it’s not good.

The tyre has no grip on mud or grass and just slides around. Thjere seems to be very little control available with such a slick tyre on soft stuff.

I’m sure other people who have spent longer on one will give their opinions but for any sort of wet riding the TA is not the sort of tyre I personally would like.


A new TA tire has a slippery and harder skin. This skin is likely due to the mold release agent. Once you wear through the skin the new rubber is softer and more grippy. You could remove that slick outer skin with sandpaper.

A brand new TA tire is slick (slippery). Anyone using a brand new (non-worn) TA tire and complaining about it being too slick for traction is not giving a fair shake to the tire. Sand off the outer skin and then report back.

I think a lot of the complaints about the TA tire are from people trying a brand new tire and coming to the conclusion that it is slippery and doesn’t have much traction.

A Coker tire isn’t exactly a king of traction either. And those buttons quickly wear down so you aren’t much better off than a slick tire anyways.

I know I’m a relative coker beginner, but I have ridden many miles on both tyres and for slippiness on sand (dry and frozen), on ice as well, I haven’t noticed much difference.