Barely used rode it twice, snapped a seatpost halfway through the second ride and never used it again. The paint is chipped in a couple spots where the seatpost clamps onto it.

Make an offer.

I’ll trade for 140mm K1 cranks, street cranks or 125mm Qu-ax street cranks plus I will toss in a bit of cash for any of these.


I’ll offer $40.00 so I have a spare or I’ll put it on my 29"

Can pay by paypall

Sounds good, I would actualy prefer check or cash or email money transfer or something that doesn’t take money on my end.

If you come to OUI I will give it to you for 35.

Otherwise pm me your address and I will find out how much shipping is.

I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while to help with doing the Multiple Sclerosis Charity bike rides, I guess I’m too late in posting.

Oh well.

first come first served?

Squeaky onion, I already have a T7

Squeaky Onion I already have a T7, this would be a spare. If you want it go ahead. I really don’t need a second one.

I have one on my 36" and also had the same one on my 29". It really helped me on my 29".

If you want it squeaky onion go ahead, I don’t really need a second one.

ill get the $$$ by OUI’08 i hope.ill get it then.

Onion has first bid on it, otherwise it goes to you.

I’ll run my finances tomorrow and see for sure. I should be able to afford it.

Gotta make sure I have enough cash for gas to get home to PA from Texass.

Thanks legtod, I appreciate it.

Edit: By tomorrow, I mean monday afternoon. Its 3:30AM monday right about now.

no problem squeakyonion

The T7 really helped me develope my long distance riding.

I’m sure you will appreciate it.

Do you ship international? Singapore to be exact.

It looks like I should just be able to afford buying this from you. It’ll sit for a few weeks, until I get a summer job and get some cash for a rail-type seatpost, though.

I’ve budgeted the money I’ll need to get home, plus a little extra travel money, and I have my credit card for absolute emergencies.

Could you get me shipping quotes? Your best bet will be Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, as that’s where I’ll be a week from now.

I should be able to do around $40 + shipping, depending on how much shipping is.

One of my roommates owes me money, so I’ll try to collect. That would makes things a lot easier. Either way: I am definitely buying it.

PS: It’s blue, right?

It is blue. Pm me your address and I will quote you for shipping tonight.

Check, cash or money order are prefered and I don’t cash checks until the item is recieved.

I ship wherever someone pay me to ship it but wouldn’t it be cheaper to order from Korea or Australia to Singapore?

PM sent, ntappin.

Looking forward to taking some of the pressure off my rear for distance riding! :smiley:

T7 is a good accessory

I rate the T7 as the second best accessory for my unicycle needs

#1 KH Fusion Freeride seat
#2 T7 bar
#3 KH Gloves
#4 KH Shin pads
#5 Vetta cyclometer and GPS watch
#6 Snafu peddles
#7 LED helmet mounted light
#8 Mud flap for N36

If squeaky onion changes his mind…

If squeaky onion changes his mind, just PM me with shipping cost and I’ll send money next day.

Again, that’s only if Squeak is unable to purchase.

I’m able, just waiting for a shipping quote :slight_smile:

I got my roommate to pay me back.


Won’t be buying this T7. Shipping would put the cost of it to me at just barely under the cost of a brand new one.

Someone else could actually get a deal so, up for grabs!

I assumed ntappin would post something here, as I told him this like 2 weeks ago…

Its mine at OUI ! thanks Nathan.