T7 Touring Handle

For Sale: T7 Touring Handle Condition as new. It’s been fitted to a uni and ridden once (with no UPD’s) for a few minutes. Why? I bought the T7 while I was developing my XC GUNI Bar mainly to compare build, positions etc off the uni as the T7 was the only commercial bar available (or any handle bar for that matter) I could access down here in oz.

A new T7 Touring Bar from unicycle.com is currently priced at $85 AU. Buy this one for $55 AU plus shipping.


ill buy it,but i dont know ho to do internet banking

Great! I’ll PM some info

Just saw this. If your other offer doesn’t go through, I would be interested, provided shipping to USA is not obscene (i.e. more than the item itself).

Can get you money ASAP.

Thanks Peripatet. I haven’t heard back from mr.UNIversal yet. It’s a long weekend where I live, will go to the post office on Tues morning here and get the postage cost to the USA.

T7 is sold.