T7 touring handle idea

well I had a dream last night that my T7 touring handle came in the mail (don’t ask why because I don’t have a coker or a 29er). I realized that It had a quick release so you could adjust the distance from the front seat bumper to the front part of the T7 handle. Do you guys think this is a good idea? I don’t have a welding shop but if one of you does you could try to make that. Well, just putting the idea out there. Happy trails!

btw 29er or 36er? im mainly doing road but will I be able to power a 36er?

When the weather clears, you are welcome to try my KH29 with 165mm cranks to see how you like it. It was supposed to come with 150’s, but I’m happy with these for now.

hey thanks! I’m hoping to try out unicyclepa’s coker sometime. Thanks alot that would make my decision alot easier.

The dream that you had basically describes the handles that many riders are making out of the Stoker stems used on tandem bicycles (JC Handle). This is a good idea for the T7 because you could further more adjust it to your needs, but in turn would drive up the price significantly.


price would go up but I think given the option I would definately pay more than the original price to have it adjustable

I wouldn’t want to have my T7 adjustable, it seems to fit just fine and having a connection in the system would just make it less stiff and strong, and heavier.

I would like my handle to be adjustable. Sometimes when riding I find myself leaning forward and putting my elbows down and they rest about where the handles are. It would be great to be able to move the handles out and then I could attach some pads for my elbows. Also if you had a handle say with at least two pieces which could totally disconnect you could pull the handles out and then fit a brake right on the middle of the handle.