T7: I broke the code

It suddenly occurred to me tonight, while I fitted a brand new T7 to my 29" Schlumpf.

funny, I got the 7 bit, but never the T, despite it being more obvious now i look at it

haha, that’s pretty cool.

Thank you for enlightening us and congratulations.

That sorta seemed natural to me, but I was always thinking of the front handle being more like a reeder.

I would call this more a T-uh…gamma!

Bitch’n. I love moments of clarity.

I’m also jealous. I have to wait months for my KH29 with Schlumpf hub.

I received it 8.5 months after ordering. (But that was in 2005.)

I had thought about this a few times, but decided I was probably wrong. The T7 bit makes sense, but rT7 would be more correct. 7T7 would be a much better name too (particularly for all the l33t 5p33k hax0rs out there).


Uhm,… you do unispins on a 29’er?

Like I said it was when fitting the T7 that I saw this, not when riding…

I think you might have misunderstood the post. He’s saying he figured out why its called the T7, because the back part he high lighted looks like a T and the front part he outlined looked like a 7. He wasn’t marking hand placement.

I took it that Leo meant that it’s only readable upside down, as if one had done a 180. BTW, a unispin on a 29’er is one thing, but then with a T7… that would be something!

Your T7 looks really straight. Mine and a lot of others seems to be off center when you look at it from this angle. Even before any UPDs.

I would have to agree with you there.

I am pretty unhappy with mine, its all crooked. It makes me feel off balance after a while of riding. Crappy I would expect more for what I paid.

I didn’t pay anything for my replacement T7 after my first one broke, but since then the threads that hold the drink bottle holder screws in fell out through normal use. If only the threads were attached properly to begin with!!! I miss my water bottle!