T7 handle - is the height adjustable?

Even though there’s a T7 thread, this one is different and I thought it warranted another thread.

The handle I built from bike parts was a bit high for my liking (slightly higher than the seat-handle.) as it was in this pic:

Since I installed shorter cranks (125s), I raised the seat, and now the handle is a tiny bit lower than the seat, which is more comfortable (for me). It enables a more aero sort of position and allows me to put a lot of weight on them, giving my taint plenty of relief.

It seems that the T7 is also slightly above seat height. I doesn’t appear that the height of the handle with respect to the seat is adjustable at all. Is this right? Does everyone who has one like their handle above seat height?

I personally am comfortable with the current height. You can change the angle on the seatpost, but of course that will also change the seat angle. You may also get some adjustment by adding washers on the seat bolts between the seat and handle.

No, it’s not adjustable with regard to the seat. It bolts strait on to the four bolts under the seat, so, as has been pointed out, you can add a couple of washers here as shims to make the handles lower, but you can’t get them higher.

Adjusting the angle of the seat could, in theory, make the handles higher… but only relative to the ground with an upright frame.


Hi Steve,

I’d say the T7 sticks out a bit further forward than your handle as well as being a bit higher, so the change to your position is probably going to be correspondingly different, since you’ll lean slightly further forward if trying to aero-tuck on it - this may be more comfy.

Like many (most?) people I find the saddle more comfy with the front tilted up as far as possible - with the T7 this tilts the handle too… Having the handles higher up like this feels good to be now I’ve got used to it.