T7 handle and water bottles, help!

today i got a water bottle cage, and a water bottle to go with my t7 handle, it has to pre-drilled places to easily mount the water bottle.

I suffered one problem with the t7 that i feel you guys may be able to help me with:

when i mount the water bottle in the front part, i can get to it and drink it no problem, but my knees sometimes wack against the handle.

to fix this, i mounted it in back, but that gets in the way of pushing the uni with the T part of the handle, the water bottle falls out, and i can’t get to it while riding.

any suggestions?
i don’t want to have to return the cage, and shell out for a camelbak…

also, with the new nightrider frame, i assume the two pre-drilled bracket like parts on the side of the frame, by the wheel, are for brake mounting right? (that’s just common sense).

I have always had the problem of my knees hitting a water bottle in front so what I got was an adapter that let me attach two water bottle cages facing UP on the back of the T7 (see pictures). I now use a camelbak, but these adapters worked quite well. (Yes, those are brake bosses for Magura hydralic brakes)



lol i had the same problem, and tried every different size bottle that I had. I eventually made a little bag thingy for it in the triangular part of the handles. Than a got a camelbak. …

trust me it is well worth the invest if you plan on doing a lot cokering. it holds more water, and provides you with space for stuff you will need on a long ride food, band aids, tools, money, cell phone…

they even sell fanny like packs that you can use that hold water bottles, and your stuff if you arent a fan of camelbaks. though i think you are best off with just losing the water bottle mount.

My bottle cages came loose very quickly on the t7 because the mounts were so bad. So I too switched to the camelbak solution. Although I really liked to be able to go on trips without carrying a backpack. The t7 snapped after about 7 months of medium use by the way, so be prepared that it won’t last forever.

i’ve put a hammer to the mount, tightening it on the bottle. ill just only drink when dismounted for now.

apparently we, my family, own a camelbak–but its trapped in boxes in an attic. ill be using that for my trip on the monon. (indianapolis)

Raising your seat might help, If that doesn’t work add the vertical mounts like Scott suggested.

I really like having both a waterbottle and a camelpack for longer rides. But if I had to choose only one it would be the camel pack hands down.

A good hydration system doesn’t need to be expensive. I bought a cheep bladder from Wholesale sports for $8 and sewed up a very simple nylon backpack (basically a pouch) for it to go in from material found in the cheap bin at wallmart a bit of strapping and two buckles I scrounged up so I could adjust the strap length. Backpack cost me about $2 in materials bringing the total cost to around $10. You could easily spend that much on a bottle and a way to attach it to the frame.

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Watch out for too much contact with a bottle cage on the T7. Those mounts (unless UDC has fixed that on newer handles) have weak welds that come loose eventually, even just because of taking a water bottle in and out of the cage. If you can raise the seat or something so you can keep the bottle cage on that particular mount, I’d reinforce it with a zip tie or something. That way it will still stay on if the mounts start to break.