T7 cage mounts

What use do you make of the two bottle cage mounts on the rear T7 handle? I have yet not found a bottle cage that fits (the mount is too close to the rail fitting).

i believe this was adressed on later batches, you can file down the rear plate to allow a bottle cage to be mounted.

Filing down the plate where the rails are attached to? Damn, that sounds risky. Perhaps I can find some sort of pop rivet with threaded inserts and move the mounts.

yes that’s what i was suggesting

The rivet you suggested is called a rivnut, a simply briliant idea, but the setting tools are quite expesnive for them. Might be worth it in the long run as the bottle mounts often become unwelded from the T7 when in use.

I’ve been able to mount bottle cages on both front and back of my old blue and new purple T7s without issue …

i used tiny little washers on the bolts. they lift the bottle cage just enough to clear the rear plate.