Just having some fun with my new T2 aerobars! For anyone doing distance riding, I highly recommend them! Also had some fun making the opening of the video, since the model name of the aerobars is also the nickname of a movie you might have heard of…:smiley:

nice :slight_smile:

Can I get a closer pic of the aerobars? I am trying to figure out how to fit a set on one of my handles.

any known way to attach aerobars without having a handle to begin with?

Probably, with some welding… but then it, by definition, would be a handle:p

The KH handle bar set-up is my favorite, I already broke one of my Nimbus bars, the KH set-up is bomber. My favortie for Muni though is Brycer1969’s handle. I have one on my 24" and 26" Muni.

I think I’ll have to dremel a 1-1.5" PVC pipe to use as a spacer so my Profile aero bars will fit. I’d like to see Terry’s solution.

Really kool dude. Niiice.

Thanks Tim. :slight_smile:

They fit quite easily right onto the “T” bar section of the kh handle. The aerobars came with shims, but I needed more to make them fit, so my LBS gave me some nice spacers with ridges. You can also you some pvc as you mentioned. The standard bar ends that some with the kh bar even fit on the outside of the aero bars, which I flip the opposite direction. It’s just another place to hold and it also helps with mounting.

Not that I know of without a “T” bar to mount them to.

Thanks unidragon212! :slight_smile: