>>>>>>T-Shirts: I ♥ Muni <<<<<<

Jon Sprague and myself whipped up a little T-Shirt design recently inspired by Milton Glaser’s “I :heart: NY” design. In one short line it effectively expresses one’s love of Muni for all to see and know!

And here I slapped it on an image of a T-Shirt just to give you another idea of what it looks like:

We’ll have a batch made up in time to sell at Cal Muni Weekend in Lake Tahoe. Sizes will be Small through XL and priced at $15. We are just doing white Tees and theyre 100% cotton.

Depending on how well they sell, we may make another batch…time will tell. If youre interested, be sure to get to us early at CMW to insure you get one!

We’d be curious to know how many people are interested and what sizes. This is not intended as a place to reserve shirts*, we merely wanted to gauge interest. Questions and comments are always welcome; this is a forum after all. :wink:

*Although, I suppose a bribe never hurt. : )

I’d like to maybe work a trade with ya!

Don’t go cheap on the shirts. The early shirts I had printed up are mostly all extinct now, because I went for the least expensive shirts out there. Quality ones usually only cost a little more.

If you want to echo the “I [heart] N Y” shirts, the MUni should be below the “I [heart]”.

but i think this one looks SWEET!!..

I still wish I would have bought one of catboy’s UPD shirts :(.

I think it looks cool with the muni seat leaned against the heart though.

can I get one now because I live 5 minutes from you?

look for Abbabibble.
just ask at CMW for me, and i’ll fork over $15 for a medium!
kickass shirt, man.

Be sure to save one, i really would like one of these.


I’ll Take an XL. I’ll try and find you on Friday.

By the way they look very cool, great job.

John and Eric,

Hey hey hey, that’s a nice one! I would buy one, but I am so tapped out these days, even 15 bucks seems like a splurge. I will have to wait:(


Ah! I forgot to mention, If you only plan to buy one shirt, make it a Cal Muni Weekend shirt! This helps support the event. It would be rotten not to have any more of these wonderful CMW events, right?

If youre going to buy two shirts, make ours the second! The profit from these sales is going towards starting a Unicycle Club here in San Diego. (Im trying to play the heart strings here :wink: )

Thanks for the encouraging comments so far, everyone!

John: You bring up a valid point of quality that i took into account at the printers. Of course the printer had a whole bunch of brands of shirts to chose from. Originally I was going for the Hanes Beefy Tee as ive had good experience with them and like the fit, however the printer recommended an identical shirt by a different brand the were $1 cheaper. He said they are really the same quality shirt, but with the Hanes you are just paying for the name brand. The name of this other company escapes my memory right now but i did get to try a blank on and was just as happy with it.

Tom: Thanks for pointing this out. Previously, i was only familiar with the one line version. Apparently there is a two-line version as well. I tried searching around a bit to see which was the original. Apparently both were designed by Glaser. The fact that he only has the one-line version on his own website http://www.miltonglaser.com/ makes that one a little more official to me. I couldnt find anything definitive in writing though. :o

Regardless, im with irvingegr and Spencer here. I like the one-line version better.

crappy ten minute edit limit…grumble grumble…

I forgot to mention, these are silk screened. I think with white shirts, one has the cheaper option of something more like a t-shirt transfer. None of that here. Silk screen all the way! I want these puppies to last!

already bought a CMW shirt.
i want one of these, too.

they’re awesome.

Charge as much as you want for the damn shirts. I’ll buy one if it costs a bajillion dollars.

I already bought a CMW shirt and i would like to get two size large on friday. Great shirt. Thanks

Shirt quality:
The $1 cheaper shirts are probably what your printer said. If you can compare them side by side it should be relatively easy to make a judgement $1 per shirt is a lot on these kinds of things. I know the Hanes Beefy Tee is a good one, and a no-name equivalent probably is as well. I think the brand on mine is Jerzees. They seem to hold up nicely. My 2002 shirts were “Gildan Activewear Ultra Cotton Heavyweight.”

Charge Catboy a bajillion dollars and see what he does. :slight_smile: Catboy, any more UPD shirts available or planned? I traded mine at Unicon for a more exotic shirt but can’t remember which one. Either a Team Israel shirt or a MUni event from the Netherlands.

hey when is the cal muni weekend? great shirts i live pretty close there so if i go ill buy one

not this weekend, but the weekend after.

the 22nd, i think.

I’ll only get you one if you trade me a Medium super-exotic muni shirt… and a bajillion dollars.

Great shirt!! I want one!