T-Shirts for Sale

T-shirts for Sale. $17 Shipped.*

Shirts are black with a large silver image on the back,
and a smaller silver image of the same on the front.
Image says “Twin Cities” vertically
and “Unicycles” horizontally
But really, just take a look at the pictures.

T-shirts are $17 dollars shipped.
*Shipped to most U.S. locations. Shipping outside of the U.S. is
available, but may have additional charges.
I do accept PayPal.

Email me at joe.lind (at) comcast.net with questions and orders.

I have L, XL, and XXL shirts ready to be shipped today. They should even arrive in time for Christmas. Other sizes are available but have already sold out. I’ll be having more of them made sometime in the new year.

Yes, the shirt is a parody of the West Coast Choppers logo.