T-Shirt Question

I’ve decided to buy this t-shirt, but I have a question…

What has the year 1984 got to do with anything? (Apart from being the year of my birth :wink: )

(Edited to add an image of the t-shirt)

Orwell’s book title, the Apple Macintosh, the not as memorable IBM PCjr, my first grownup out-of-college job… :slight_smile:

The company offering the shirt seems to be based in Spain, if that means anything. I’ll guess that a young designer just wanted to have a date there that was “a long time ago,” and it’s all in the dim distant past for anyone under 40. The last moonwalk happened more than a decade earlier; and yeah, I’m old enough to remember it too.

But it looks good. Wear it proud!

Cheers mate. I came up with a couple of those in a Google search, and I guess there really isn’t a reason for the date after all… I look forward to being the proud owner of this t-shirt lol

If I got the right image, he’s wearing an astronaut’s suit and carrying a torch.

I’m guessing that’s a reference to the jet pack at the opening of the 1984 Olympics.

They put years on T shirts so that people born in that year will buy them - or people will buy them for them as birthday presents.

Don’t forget 1984 was also Unicon I!

(Technically, it was called International Unicycling Convention. The IUF was just being created, and the name Unicon was thought up to promote the second World Championships, which was in 1986)

Oooh all very good points! The astronaut does appear to be carrying an Olympic torch :slight_smile:
If the year was put there for people’s birth year, surely there would be more that just the 1984 t-shirt out there… No complaints from me though, as it’s my birth year lol

It’s ordered now, and should be here Monday :slight_smile:

Does anyone have suggestions for other t-shirts? I’ve already browsed through Google shopping, Amazon and eBay.

http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=69745&stc=1&d=1491036725… i got this one

No way! Thats the other one I ordered last night, but in royal blue :smiley:

When I posted above, the image wasn’t loading. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m going to have to vote for '84 Olympics. I mean, not to get nerdy, but where that guy’s riding there is probably no oxygen in the air, so no torch! :slight_smile:

Probably not much traction on that tyre in such low gravity either. I guess that’s why he/she’s a risk taker.

HA! You guys are what keeps me smiling through the day :smiley:

My t shirt arrived, and I couldn’t be happier! That spaceman really is a risk taker as he’s actually riding a penny, sitting where the handlebars should be :smiley:

It looks like he’s strapped into those pedals too.

That’s arguably the safest way to ride one, as then you can run out a UPD like a unicyclist.

The toe baskets, not so much.

I’m getting a little off topic, but these posts are reminding me of this short penny farthing video.


I like how you can see his wheel wobbling, just like a unicycle wheel would, only less so because our wheels are smaller (the wobble would be much worse).

The wobble is not directly related to what made his tire come off, though it may have assisted in the tire hopping over the edge of the rim with all those little side movements…

Either way, he’s not going to hurt himself much falling off in moon gravity. Unless of course he tears the space suit.

Though given the torch is burning, clearly the pic was actually taken on the sound stage where they faked the moon landings, so that may not apply :wink:

Haha! :smiley:

This is a really weird thread.