T Shirt idea

Tired of ‘Where’s your other wheel?’, ‘Did you know your frames’ broke?’ (sic), and so on, it crossed my mind today that I’d like a T shirt with a picture of a unicylce on the front, and the words, ‘I’ve heard what you’re going to say’ written across it. And maybe on the back, ‘Yes, I had’.

With a little bit better or cachier fraise It would be better, but that’s an awsome idea. Go for it!!! Show the ignorant people what we think.


that’s pretty good, but I love the “and no, were NOT practicing for the circus” still.

how about this? on the front have “i know what you’re going to say!” and on the back say “and ive lost my mind, not my other wheel!” or something like that…
later, kevin

I think I would rather just have a shirt with a wheel on it… or a person riding a unicycle and a spare wheel left in his dust…

The I know what your gonna say and I’ve heard it before seems a bit mean to people. Calling them stupid indirectlly. I’ve gotten some really funny comments from people and I sure as hell didnt expect them to say what they did.

My favorite is so could you deliver pizza on that thing? (pizza man)

Just my thoughts


how about:

‘Unless you can think of
some way to get this pole
outta my ass, I don’t wanna hear it!’

How about a picture of a unicycle on the front; and on the back, have a bike with all the parts that are in a unicycle missing, ie. frame, steering bar, rear wheel, etc. Some catchy phrases would be nice too.

What do you think?


tell me how much and ill buy one

Well, here is a similar idea that is also a subtle Matrix reference. It also avoids annoying people by implying they are stupid.

Have a picture of a unicycle, and underneath:

“There is no other wheel”

Someone more artistic than me could probably photoshop a Matrix picture to go with this caption.


I’ve been mulling over a t-shirt with a clear, proper retort to the universal “where’s your other…” question too. A couple ideas:

Uni with the caption “This IS my other wheel”


Uni on the front with caption “My Wheel” and Muni on the back with caption “My other wheel”

Yeah, UniBrier, I like your idea! That is pretty funny: plain uni with the caption ‘wheel’, on the front and a totally MUni looking MUni, all cartooned up to exagerate the fat tire etc, with ‘other wheel’ caption on the back… really cool. Now that would be a phat T shirt!


I also vote for Unibrier, that’s an cool idea. After I get my Trials I’ll definately get one of those.


I like the first idea best because if the person wasnt thinking of “wheres your other wheel?” it doenst make sense to them. Saying simply, " i know what your gonna say" is ingenious.

getting back to Mikefule’s original idea, I like that one too.

you could use the “My other car is a …” idea with “My other wheel is also a unicycle.” You could put it on the back and make it look like a bumper sticker.


how about saying “What’s with the extra wheel?”

or you could say " Haven’t taken the training wheel off yet?"

There could be a shirt that had a unicycle made out of some type of food. I’m not sure…maybe look like it’s a cookie or look like the wheel is a pizza. I don’t know, but then have it say somewhere on the shirt “A balanced diet”

How clever. :smiley:


P.S. Okay, I admit, that was extremely lame.

The T-shirt ideas flying around (again?) on the “wittier comment” thread sparked a random neuron firing event in my head. How about this for a T-shirt:

[it’s in a gallery - haven’t figured out how to post it directly here yet]

I got bored Googling around for a picture of a tricycle and just drew it. My kids could do better but you get the idea…