T-shirt design

I (with the help of others) have concocted this t-shirt idea. the top pic is of what the front should look like and the bottom pic is what the back will look like.


p.s. Please excuse my sub-par photo chopping skills

FRONT.bmp (994 KB)

BACK.bmp (991 KB)

My only critique would be for the front, make the text white and get rid of the box around it. The box will make the shirt look too MS Paint-ish.

and if you could smoothen out your lines maybe, some of them just seem to rickity and swervy

Dont feel obligated to use this, but I just played around with the front design for you:

and the back to match the style of the front:

Brian if its cool with you im just gonna go ahead and use yours. Its still my design you just cleaned it up a bit.I like it. i dont have phototoshop so that whole cut was done in ms paint. I dont think i did that badly. But thanks.

It’s definitely cool with me, go ahead and use it, and yeah, you did do a good job with what you had to work with.

Im gonna go get one made this weekend. Ill post pics of how it turns out

I hope it turns out well for you. Sometimes printers request a certain filetype on their images. If you need anything other than jpeg I can convert for you.


is that from my pic and sweet if it was and look i made one to

Yup mine was taken from yours…Yours has a better cut though.

honnestly I say u all stop making shirts… cauz first reason (not to be rude) most of them suck and I would refuse to wear em… second reason is : if you look on the bedford price list is say soon to come : Pro series t-shirts… so I am sure that those t-shirt are gonna be very awesome since they are about the bedford team (shaun,kevin , zack ryan…) so I say you wait until you see those shirts and once you do if your not happy with those make a new one… but atleast plz when you make a t-shirt have more photoshoping skills then me ! (I SUCK). Dont take it as an attack to you tho… your design is alright I think its sortof sketchy but hey u arent a pro with photoshop…

Well its not like Im gonna mass produce these shirts…Its just a design for me. Im only making one, maybe 2 if i like em.

An im buying a Bedford hoodie soon enough.

ah ok… I thought u wanted to produce that shirt like catboy produced the upd one…

Nope. I just wanted your guys opinion on it. If you do however wanna make one i diont care its a free idea.:slight_smile:

personally i think its really really good. the initial drawing on paint u did was ten times better than anything i could do. the only thing is i think the back would be better if there were white letters surronded by black. wat do i have 2 do to have some1 make one of those for me? i really like it…


Just look in the yellow page for a shirt printer and give them those pics. You can use them if you want.

I think the design is alright but I don’t like how both versions of the image are all chunky and not very well edited. I am not saying that I can do better because I don’t have photoshop either but if it is going on a shirt I think it should look like a professional shirt not just a “I did it myself” kind of thing.

im using them and going to make me one

who ever changed the front logo, could they change the letter on the back to white in a black box? I think that would work better.