t-shirt design

I just designed this shirt… wachya think?

very cool! i like it a lot! if you want to tweak things, maybe you could outline the tire area that touches the white on the bottom of the tire; that way, there won’t be black squares there. I’m also not sure if i like the “dirt” that is being kicked up; i love the simplicity of all the shapes and it sort of distracts from the overall image. But, these are all minor points. good job!

Okay, here are 2 newer versions.

…and the little logo for the front.

Please excuse the rough edges on the pics.

These shirts are awesome. I think you should go with the second image.

that’s very cool!!!
maybe make the treads a little less giant and squared, more to scale w/ a normal muni, but a bit more noticeable than real treads would be
keep it up! nice job

i think the dirt kicking up really doesnt work with the overall theme of them :slight_smile: but they look like great shirts but maynbe loose the dirt

way cool. that last one is exactly what i was thinking! great job!!! let us know when the shirts are available, and from where.


The second image is really good, I would buy one.


Before I can make any of the shirts, I need to first find some good place to print them at. It’ll probably be after next week before I can start searching for some place. Woo, finals next week.

Uh oh… competition… in any case, I can probably get you a good deal in getting the T-shirts printed.

i say lose the helmit or ad a strap…

finally a design that would look best on a black T-shirt, there shall be no argument… :o

a black hoodie with that design would be choice.

Haha… I know you like all your stuff in black. I’ll be getting some new unicyclist.com shirts printed soon… the do the muni have already been ordered, but haven’t been printed yet by my printer (with black “wicking” T-shirts included in the order)… do you want some black hoodies in either of those?

I really like the design, but I’m not all that into uni tee shirts. Any chance that stickers will be made with that design?

i agree w/ jagur on the strap, it’d look more realistic ( and make sure it dangles from the chin a bit)
and also the treads on the wheel could be made smaller
otherwize, good job
o yeah, don’t have the little dirt kick up thing, keep the ground as 1 line like the 2nd picture

I liked your idea, how about stickers? Then you could stick them on your helmet, etc.

Nice design, though! Love it, but I liked the dirt, too! I thought it made the image look much more alive!

They look great, and I agree about the stickers, Get the small logo made up & i’d have somehting to put on my currently blank helmet! Great work.

I’m planning on getting something made up using the old Muni Warning Sign Logo that was on here ages ago. I saved it and then converted it to vector graphics, all I need is a loose fitting plain white T and and iron on transfer sheet (i think i’ve got one) and i’ll be sorted.


what is “black Wicking”?

hoodies?..ethier way or both i dont care as long as they are made fron thick cotton with a hood and pocket in the front ala pull over style.

let me know and i will buy both. (black size large)

The T-shirts I got are a special moisture wicking T-shirt where the fabric has two layers, a microfiber inner layer and a cotton outer layer. Looks like a regular T. Supposively this pushes the sweat away from your body so it evaporates quicker and should be better for wearing while you’re unicycling.