T.S. Video


I just finished my new video. Some clips are a bit old but I decided to put it in the movie before I could do better.

youtube link

To download it:

click here,enter the three letters on the top of the page ad follow the instructions

Hope you enjoy !

Btw, I know there is way too much hops in the line at 40 secondes.

thats a good video

that was sweet

how long have you been riding?

I have started riding seriously in May 2005.


That was a very good video. You seem to have a pretty good flow and some of those drops are pretty sweet. Good filming also.

sweet vid, some nice stair sets there. whats the biggest you`ve done?

It’s the nine set you see in the video. But the 8set at the beginning was probably bigger

nice drops the biggest ive done is 6 ft so far


That was wicked dogg!

way to go! really cool!

some off those drops were huge, its nice to see wat my unis capable of, was tht the 07 kh 20"?

Well it’s mostly the 07 kh rim with the 06 kh seat and the other parts are from the kh 05 trial

yeah your drop that is the biggest one…how tall is it???
Cause that takes skill to land it…it pawns my biggest one i tried cause u landed it…

nice hops

If you are talking about the one where I drop the big grey thing well it is around 8 feet, I don’t remember exactly.

By the way, the big grey thing has a part that does not have a “ceiling” and it is the world first halfpipe that ever existed. It was sort of a “tunnel turned halfpipe”. There is a documentary that skateboarders made about it but I don’t remember the name.

Thanks for the comments guys

dang…thats pretty big…and it was on flats too…

Amanda just stole my line…but anyway, you still ROCK !

I’m just loving this vid, everything about it, just like you !

Keep doing those super movie, and putting my name at the end :smiley:

Je t’aime JuJu !!!


the 180 grind is really cool!

Great vid man!