T.LX 2.4 in Tire

If you have a Torker lx rim and you want a 2.4 inch tire do you need to change rims…? PLease any help is welcomed…


Depends what tire it is.

i dont suppose this would work eh? http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=2&subcat=33&cat=Tires+-+Trials&L2=Tires%2C+Tubes%2C+Rim+Strips+and+Valve+Caps&L3=Tires+-+Trials


Nope. That needs a 19 inch rim.

This is a good question. What about a 20"? Could that fabled onza actual 20" trials tire fit?

I’ve got 2 friends on torkers, and they’re feeling held back by tire size. I’m not sure if they ACTUALLY are, or if it’s just an excuse or whatever, but I wanna know too.


Its not just an excuse.