T-7 handlebar hard on brake levers?? Easy fix

I’ve found that when you mount a Magura brake lever on one of the grips of a T-7 handlebar, it can place the brake lever in the position of taking some hard UPDs and destroying the lever. I found an easy fix with an old-school steel handlebar end. The shortened bar end relocates the lever back 2-3 inches away from the front enough to protect it, but still lets you grab the lever blade with a couple of fingers.

See pics of a distance handlebar set up with rubber bar grips that roughly approximates the shape of the front of a T7 and shows the steps for making and helps illustrate the steps for making and installing one of these brake lever mounts.

Steps: Shorten the bar end with a saw to remove the curved part, pry open the handlebar clamp. Slip the clamp over the T-7 crossbar, close the clamp back up with pliers or vice grips and reinstall install screw. Install your Magura brake lever and UPD with abandon . . . .cause your brake lever is now safe from impact.

Note: This will only work with a steel bar end - as aluminum won’t take this kind of bending.


Real life examples…

I just got a frankenbrake and refurbished set of HS33s from Bryce and mounted them on my Nimbus Nightrider w/ T7 handle and KH29 w/ Shadow handle, respectively. I found a decent old-style steel bar end at our local Bicycle Collective for use on the T7 handle, and an old aluminum Ritchy shorty for use on the Shadow handle. I cut down both with a hacksaw using a Park SG-6 saw guide to keep things square, and reinserted the original end plugs after grinding off the sharp edges. I installed them so that they lined up with the angle of the right handle, and finally put on the brakes. Here are how the final products tuned out.

Below are three photos of the frankenbrake mounted on a sawed-off steel reverse bar end on my Nimbus Nightrider w/ T7 Handle.

T7 1.jpg

T7 2.jpg

T7 3.jpg

Nimbus Shadow Handle…

…and here are two shots of the HS33s mounted on a sawed off aluminum reverse bar end mounted on the Nimbus Shadow Handle.

Shadow 1.jpg

Shadow 2.jpg