Syracuse muni ride - 28-JUN-2011, 11:30 AM?

Hi - this is a last-minute call for a muni ride in or near Syracuse, NY, on June 28th - tomorrow!

I’ll have from 11:30 until 2:30 or 3PM. Buzz is already in, so there will be two at least. Thinking maybe Split Rock, but I don’t know the area, so open to suggestions.

If you don’t have time to reply here, my cell is 518-229-2320.

Actually ,it sounds like we’ll be going to Skytop.
But we’re still open to suggestions.

Shouldn’t there be some Syracuse riders on these forums!

Steveyo and I tore up Skytop yesterday. It has a great variety of smooth flowy singletrack, challenging rock gardens, and short technical rocky descents and climbs.

I’m guessing we only saw 25% of the trails. Hopefully we’ll meet up again and discover some more.

Nice riding Steveyo! :sunglasses:

GPS map.

Syracuse was the site of the 1983 USA Convention (with riders from like 8 countries), and then the site of the first International Unicycling Convention (it wasn’t called Unicon until the second one) in 1984. But I don’t know if there were any local riders at either of those!