Syko Productions

Has anyone bought any of “Syko Productions” DVDs? If so, are they any good. I ordered their latsest film “Defect”. Heres the site:

Here’s the “Defect” trailer:
It has a kick-ass soundtrack.

TONS of people have bought them.

I havent bought them yet, but plan to once I get some extra cash, so hopefully soon. I have seen all the trailers and got to borrow U2, they are definitely worth it.

I have U2 and Defect. Both are good movies but since Defect is more up to date, it was better riding in it.


oh gosh, pretty much everyones heard of them!

Defect is $22 plus shipping for a 40min video. It’s kind of a rip-off, but i bought it because i cant find them for sale anywhere.

No its worth it I promise. Then its like 40 more minutes for all the extra footage and commentary and hidden sections.


Quick question??? What planet of you from?

Ive seen it 9 times since summer started and plan to see it tommorow at least once. It is totally worth the money. :sunglasses:

Sweet. Which do u think is the best one?

U2 and Defect are both really really good, but Defect obviously has better riding. I think it also has better editing and filming too, but universe 2 has better mountain uni. Defect has better everything else.

Make that 12. I saw it today twice in class and once at home with friends.:smiley: :sunglasses:

I want to buy Defect. Maybe I will.

How long does it take to get sent to you if u sent a check in the mail?(california):slight_smile:

I wanna get defect and u2 but I can only get one. I dig muni so I want u2 but defect looks so coooooooooooooooooooool. Which one should I get? :thinking:

I like good old universe 1 the best. The Dan Heaton section is still the best uni vid section imo!

Rock on!

When I click on the universe 1, it gives me the description for universe 2. :thinking:

It’s a better deal than any other DVDs you will buy, you’ll watch it far more often.

Defect is nicely made, but I like Universe 1 the most. Night riding with a lower qualiy camara and nice music in the background = way awesome.

Get Defect it is much better. It has Muni with KH and Justin Khose. It also has trials with Ryan Atkins and Zack. They are great. It is not a rip off.

I agree, Defect is over-all a lot better, with more extra footage and bonus stuff. But if it’s really good Northshore and extreme muni you want, U2 has more of it.

The Syko Website is all screwed up but you can still order the videos from them by emails Dan at dan at sykoproductions . com

Let him know what you want and he’ll give you a total with shipping. You can pay via paypal or check/money order.