Syko Productions

When is the Syko website going to be updated ? :thinking:

There’s never happen something there :stuck_out_tongue:

And someone who know if you can paint an crome frame? :thinking:

G’day, simon

“you have nothing to lose apart from your other wheel” - me

you can paint a chrome frame, but normal spray paint kind of paint doesn’t really last (although it is easy to repaint)

what you want to is use ‘wet’ sand paper (tell your hardware store you want to paint chrome) i think it’s 180 grit?

I’ve tried a few different methods:

  1. just paint

  2. primer + paint

  3. primer + paint + clearcoat

they all seem to hold up equally, the parts that wear turn back to silver, but all in all, your unicycle is still the colour you painted it